Aug 11, 2006 – Matsudo High School

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After the sweltering heat of Kyoto ,we packed our bags and hopped on the Shinkasen to make our way back to Matsudo City. We all love the train because, it is COOL and SPACIOUS and quiet and you can eat , what more could three travellers wish for.

We arrived in Matsudo City about 4:00 pm and Mr. Enomotto picked us up at the train station to bring us to the school.

I felt so lucky to have the chance to see the high school and Mr. E’s office and the classrooms that he teaches in.I won’t mention anything about the state of Mr. E’s office but maybe you can take a guess at what it might look like, hahahaha! While we were wandering around the school there was rumors of something else going on in the school and before too long we were led with our eyes closed into a classroom. When we opened them there was a group of about 15 students that shouted Welcome and we were given flowers and paper necklaces to adorn ourselves with. It was a wonderful party, filled with songs , which of course made me cry and speeches that talked about the meaning of life and giving and sharing and dancing and introductions in English and great snacks of fruit and ice cream treats.

I want to thank Mr. E and Asuka for being the MC and all the students who particpated in organizing the party. It truly was WONDERFUL!

After the party and many pictures, we were whisked away to our accomodations for the night. Mr. E has a magnetic personality and still stays in contact with many of his former students and for our visit he managed to arrange for us to stay with Nao and his mother at their family home. When we arrived we were served a Western / Japanese styled dinner. First some spaghetti and then some amazing Sushi. Needless to say we were stuffed!

Phew what a day it was!