Dec 15, 2006 – Bangkok

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Back to the Big City!

It was hard to leave the Island of Ko Chang,the ocean and the spectacular scenery, the jungle, the ocean, the sand, the trees, the food, the lazy relaxing days, oh my why did we leave???

As the saying goes, all good things must at some time come to and end but we were lucky this time that we were also moving on to doing some other good things.

Before, I tell you about our short stay in Bangkok, I should tell you the story about getting there. We knew that we wanted to go to the big city after our island stay and so Gerald was very prudent about getting all the info about bus fees and schedules and so we were set, to make and easy transition to Bangkok. The fee was 211 baht per person and bus leaves Trat, the transition town, every hour on the hour.. Grrreat!

Well, when we came back 5 or 6 days later, to Trat, somehow everything had changed. The bus fee was now 240 baht and the bus did not leave on the hour it left at half past the hour. So you know the saying failing to plan, is planning to fail, something that Ger has been trying to teach Torin, well it doesn’t work in South East Asia. Ger was so hilarious as he shook his head in frustration and exlaimed,” I just want things to be the way they say they are going to be and for their to be information that is accurate.”

It was one of those personal growth moments that you get when you are travelling in developing countries. Here , you gotta go with the flow and never expect things to go or be the way you thought they might be. This lesson we have been repeatedly trying to learn but everyone once in while our western thinking and expectations causes MOMENTS!!

We made it to Bangkok in a reasonably comfortable bus and found a very nice quiet area of the city to hang out in and do our business. We had always known that our time in Bangkok would be busy with email, phone calls, buying the Christmas presents for the dormitory and getting our visas for Myanmaar. So our time for sightseeing and getting to know the city was limited.

We did manage to do a bit of walking around a got a good kick at looking at all the winter like Christmas decorations around city in the midst of balmy temperatures of 30 degrees and wearing shorts , t-shirts and sandals.

We also watched a hearing impaired soccer match between Thailand and Kuwait. Thailand beat Kuwait, 5 to 0, as the Kuwaitans lost their cool and ended up fighting even amongst themselves. It was a very very fun thing to watch and to analyze the personalities of each of the countries playing. It was also most intriguing to watch the audience as they were all communicating by hand signing. It was quite quiet in the bleachers but when Thailand scored the cheer came abound.

The malls in the area that we were staying in were expensive and pretty much like home

but we did happen to chance upon a little food vendor area where we drank the best ice coffees ever!!!

So after three day of researching and purchasing the computers for Hiyoko Home and finalizing the updates on our website and having the visas for Myanmaar in our hot little hands, we made the luxurious decscion to fly to Chaing Rai. It is about a hour flight and that seemed a whole lot better than doing a 12 or 13 hour bus ride for just a wee bit more money.

Our travels had come full circle and we were excited to be going back to the place we had started out 5 months earlier.