Dec 15, 2006 – Merry Christmas \ Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

It is now December 14th and we are about to leave for Chiang Rai on December 15th.

We have plans to visit Myanmar with Po Vi for about a week. He is the fellow that looks after all the children at Hiyoko Home, the dormitory we will be visiting at Christmas with Mr. Enomoto and his Japanese Students. Pous Ve is from Myanmar and has agreed to be our guide in taking us to see a small section of his country. We feel very lucky for this opportunity.

With all your generosity and kindness we have raised over $3000. Wowsa!!! All three of us are ever so thankful for the contributions to the two projects we are supporting this Christmas.

After careful bargaining, Ger, the computer guru, has purchased the computers, software and printer and they are being shipped out to Chiang Rai as I write this.

We will be having discussions with Mr. Enomotto and Carol Kresge from “My Library” as to how best to make use of the extra funds.

It will probably be after Christmas before we get a chance to send a full report and pics, since over the next two weeks, we will have limited access to computers.

We are most definitely thinking of everyone as we approach the holiday season and we all have to admit, there is a little pang of homesickness as we listen to your Christmas preparation plans.

From the sunny, warm side of the World, have a wonderful holiday season!

Love, Mary, Gerald and Torin!