Our plans for a trip to Europe in the fall of 2019 are coming together… we are off to Germany at the end of August and will meet up with Torin, Mary’s brother and family and her mom to visit relatives for 5 days, That will be followed by 5 days exploring the south of Germany, which will be followed by some independent travel… Mary will spend 10 days backpacking around Europe with her niece Lauren; Tor and I will go do a few days of hiking before he heads back to Vancouver, after which I will slip down to Lake Garda (Italy) to spend a few days with my sister and family.  Jim and family will head back to Halifax.

Mary and I will meet back in Berlin on Sept 16 and will meet up with our friends from home, Hermann and Louise, and will spend almost 3 weeks cycling around Germany with them.

After that, Mary and I will head off on our own for a couple of weeks of cycle touring.  Our blogs will be added they’re written and a link added here.

Check out our planning session on a Mabel Lake beach…