The thought of going to Kyrgyzstan first occurred to us 11 years ago during our year long trip.  We have a friend that is from Kyrgyzstan and we encouraged her to go home at that time and take us with her, but it wasn’t meant to be.

This past March she reached out and let us know that she and her family were going home and invited us to join them.

We initially said we couldn’t go as we had other commitments but when those collapsed (long story) and our immediate future opened up, we went back to her to see if the option was still open.  It was, and we are ever so grateful for the invitation.  There is nothing like venturing into a new country with a friend that has family there and speaks the language.

So August 4 we’re flying out of Toronto to Bishkek via Istanbul and a new adventure begins!  We will try again to upload some pics and do some writing along the way, so you can check out our blog posts HERE.