In our 20’s

  • Mary had a practicum supervisor that said travelling was the best medicine for boosting ones’ self confidence
  • Ger was driving truck, travelling up and down the eastern seaboard
  • We met, fell in love, married and started our travel adventures
  • We went across Canada visiting each and every province

In our 30’s

  • Mary envied people who told her stories of their international travels
  • We moved to British Columbia, had Torin, bought a house
  • We worked and worked and did more work

In our 40’s

  • We did our first international trip to Europe
  • We had a mid-life crisis 5 years later and then took a year off to travel as a family
  • We got the travel bug and also went to Costa Rica, Australia and Mexico

In our 50’s

  • We worked, studied and lived in Belmopan, Belize
  • Lived and volunteered in Bolivia and Ecuador
  • Traveled to Cuba for our first international cycle tour
  • Traveled to Kyrgyzstan with friends, took in the World Nomad Games and popped into Kazakstan for a few days
  • Cycle toured in Germany and Greece
  • Took in the Aussie Open (tennis) and cycled and toured around Tasmania for 5 weeks 

Mary 4Gerald 1

The images above are definitely NOT to scale!