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We cycled to Nerja primarily to see friends from home, Brian and Tess, who were also traveling through Portugal and Spain.  It was also on the way to Granada where we were heading, and it’s a beautiful seaside town, which were both good reasons to stop as well.

We got into town, found our accommodation and cleaned up.  We then made it down to the promenade to see the sunset (check out the picture in the set below).


We had a great two days with Brian and Tess.  After lingering over breakfast on Monday morning, a plan was hatched for the next two days.  Monday we would take in the Nerja Caves, a series of huge caverns stretching for almost five kilometres under the mountain, and Tuesday we would take a bus up to Frigiliana to do a hike in the mountains.

The cave was very touristy, but one of those must-see attractions.  I could write all about it but wouldn’t do it as well as they’ve described it here…  Check it out and if you’re ever in Nerja, go see it!

Day 2 was a highlight for all of us… hiking up in the mountains. It’s funny that as much as there is an attraction to the sea and beaches, there is a definite comfort being in the mountains.  Nerja offers a perfect balance of both.



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